Apr 20, 2017

It is important to remember that everyone is an individual and will swing the club differently. Or at least make different looking body motions in trying to control the club face and swing path, usually subconsciously.  It depends on where a person?s physical strengths are that will determine how they will try to control the club.  Whether a person has strong hands, shoulders or legs as well as flexibility, will determine the easiest way for them to get the club in positions they feel necessary.  Therefore each person?s swing may look slightly or considerably different.  But we do know that in order to hit a certain ball flight the golf club must work a certain corresponding way through impact.  So, two players hitting similar ball flights may look totally different during their swings.  Thus it is very important to watch what the club is doing during the swing before looking at what the body is doing.

The three influences on ball flight, all happening at and thru impact, are: club face, swing path and ball contact.

It is important to remember that there is no one perfect swing built for all shots.  Every shot has to be a variation of a player?s best swing depending on the conditions present.