Club Face

Apr 20, 2017

-ultimate influence on ball flight

-ball will go in the direction where face is aimed at impact (in simple terms)

-closed face (left of target) creates a pull or hook depending on path

-open face (right of target) will create push or fade depending on path

-square face (aimed at target) produces straight, pull or push (slight), little side spin unless extreme path angles.  If face is aimed at target during impact then ball will always be working towards the target regardless of path

-club face is either open (aimed right), closed (aimed left) or square (aimed at target) in relation to the path of the clubhead

-with the naked eye the easiest places to see the club face is halfway into the backswing and at the top of backswing during the transition to the downswing.  Obviously, impact will tell where the face was aimed by where the ball goes.

-to the beginning player with limited athletic background it is important and best to keep club face square or a little closed during backswing and transition.  That may mean giving player a ?stronger? grip.

-square club face halfway into backswing means that face is slightly toed in because it is still square to the path the club is traveling on.  Better players will want toe to be straight up at this point because the closing of the face through impact creates additional club head speed.

-at top of backswing a square club face means that the leading edge of face is on a parallel plane to the lead forearm

-club face may look square or even a little closed at top but be careful because the player may have down lag in their swing and that can easily allow the club face to open on the downswing causing the player to have to flip the club through impact. If this down lag happens to a player that has a square (and sometimes even closed face) at top of backswing then there is a very good chance that face will be open at impact and player MUST flip through impact

-flipping the club face thru impact will cause misses in ball flight to be both right and left from shot to shot.  When you see players missing badly right and left it is a sure sign that club face is being flipped through impact

-make sure that club face is square or a little closed to most players during the downswing.  Have them stop the downswing and show what a square or closed face looks like.  May have to change grip to do this

-using the impact bag is a good way to show player where club face is at impact.  Without impact bag have player make such slow motion practice swings that it can be seen what the club face looks like at impact.